This service provides assistance in the performance of activities related to routine household maintenance at a customer's home. The goal of this service is to increase/maintain a safe, sanitary and/or healthy environment.

The Power to Effect Change

Our programs support basic life skills training to individuals with disabilities and their families which enables both the individual and the family to achieve a more abundant life and greater independence. We currently provide the following services:

This service provides short-term temporary care and supervision to relieve caregivers. This is not a service that can be provided by a parent or guardian, but it can be provided by another family member over the age of 18.

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Acacia Care employs responsible and caring providers who are qualified to deliver an array of services to children and adults with disabilities. 

Attendant Care

This service provides one on one therapy to teach and/or improve daily living, social, gross/fine motor, communication, memory and/or organization skills. Habilitation providers implement the individualized objectives given in the consumers Individual Support Plan (ISP). The purpose of habilitation is to assist the consumer to become more independent in all aspects of their lives. This service can be provided by a parent or guardian of an adult child.

Acacia Care is:

​• Dedicated to providing reliable quality care.
• Committed to improving lives by initiating personal growth and Independence.
• Setting a higher standard of care within the community.



This service provides direct physical assistance to an individual who is unable to perform daily tasks themselves. This may include helping with personal hygiene, assisting with dressing, meal preparation, shopping, lifting and toileting. This service can be provided by the parent or guardian of a child who is 18 years of age or older.